Christmas Caroler

What is your favorite Christmas Carol?

The most popular Christmas carol this year is, "Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer". Kids and adults alike named this Christmas carol as their favorite for the 3rd year in a row.



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Christmas carols have a rich histroy dating back many thousands of years.  Originally Christmas carols were not sung to celebrate Christmas but rather to celebrate the pagan gods they worshiped. Over the years the tradition of singing Christmas carols has evolved. Now we sing traditional Christmas carols to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to celebrate Christmas.


It's interesting to think about how caroing got started and what it has evolved into. We all love to sing our favorite Christmas songs to celebrate the Holiday season.

Christmas Campaign 1776

Christmas has a rich tradition in American history too. The famous battle called the, "Christmas Campaign" is arguably one of the most famous battles of the American Revolutionary war. It is the battle the George Washington is most famous for. During this battle George Washington made his mark as an outstanding military commander.

So, when you celebrate Christmas in the United States, think of all the military men from 1776 who lost thier lives so we may live free. Remember our American heros this year at Christmas time by singing some Christmas carols.

Christmas Gift - Carolers

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